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ÖH-DUK moves!

We support students of the Danube University Krems with 20 % discount from the regular price for each course.  more

Mensa Bonus

Your digital ÖH-DUK Mensa Bonus!

Save money every time you visit the cafeteria! As of the summer semester of 2018, Mensa has introduced and implemented a new digital system für the ÖH Bonus scheme.


Your representation at Danube University Krems

Astrid Kurzmann - Chairperson
We gladly support you: online, face2face...

As an official student representation, we not only defend the general interests of students, but also work to improve academic conditions. This web site serves as your first point of contact.  Of course, we are also available to you right here on the premises to work on your questions and problems and solve them together. Because although your studies are first and foremost for your own personal development: together we can achieve more!

Our Uni-Forum

Let's talk!

We feel that interactive exchange is very important. That is why we are preparing a forum for an active dialogue with you. Please be patient and check back with us from time to time...or visit us on Facebook.