Your student representation - always there for you and your concerns!

The Österreichische Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft (ÖH) (Austrian Students Union) is a corporation under public law, making it an official representation of the interests of Austrian university students. Membership in ÖH is compulsory for all students. As a student interest representation, ÖH has a right to review proposed new regulations. This gives the organization participation rights and the possibility to influence any laws affecting university studies. ÖH also sends student representatives to various university and college committees, to ministerial commissions, and other institutions.

Every public Austrian university has its own university representation, which serves as a relevant interface with ÖH. The university representation at Danube University Krems (ÖH-DUK) currently has nine members who were appointed by list ballot. They include chairpersons and Heads of Departments and their deputies as well as administrators, and they are of course active in all university committeesWe are always here for you and represent your concerns!