Your attendance phases

There are lots of things to do at ÖH-DUK aside from studying. The campus offers restaurants, culture und sports.

Completing your studies parallel to your job and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is an enormous challenge. All the more reason to enjoy your stay in the Wachau region and take part in the many leisure activities available to you: whether you enjoy cultural events, sports activities, or the spectacular natural surroundings like the Wachau World Heritage Trail or the typical local wine culture.

In addition to the double and triple workload, some students are also dealing with physical limitations. The special curriculum design in a Blended Learning format (blocks of attendance coupled with e-learning) allows for barrier-free studies. It also generally includes a high level of individual support. Prospective and current students with special challenges can receive individual assistance from the StudienServiceCenter, academic department heads or organizational assistants, or from Facility Management. Danube University Krems has always satisfied the structural requirements stipulated for students with physical disabilities or chronic illnesses. If these provisions are not sufficient, Facility Management will lend additional individual support.