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 Information about the COVID-19 vaccination for Erasmus Students

1. General information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Federal Ministry Republic of Austria:

2. FAQ COVID-19 vaccination - Federal Ministry Republic of Austria:

3. Who can receive a coronavirus vaccanation in Austria?

All persons who are resident in Austria can also receive a coronavirus vaccination free of charge in Austria and thus be vaccinated against COVID-19. This also applies to persons who have no Austrian social security number.

The national COVID-19 vaccination schedule (PDF, 123 KB) (PDF, 123 KB) regulates the order in which all persons willing to be vaccinated in Austria are vaccinated. The organisation as well as implementation of the vaccinations is carried out by the Federal States (Bundesländer). The coronavirus vaccination is voluntary.

4. Can I receive a coronavirus vaccination with an approved vaccine if I have been administered a vaccine that is not recognised in Austria?

It is an individual medical decision. The contact person for students' concerns is a general practitioner in Krems.

Anyone who has been vaccinated with a vaccine that has not been approved in Austria is considered to have not been vaccinated.

Whether this person should then be vaccinated again here in Austria with an approved vaccine depends on many factors (what kind of vaccination, when was this vaccination, was the person in question already infected with Covid etc.). It is important to inform yourself about the medical risks.

In any case, the new vaccinations with an approved vaccine are so-called "off label" vaccinations, i.e. if a student is vaccinated with Biontech Pfizer, Biontech Pfizer assumes no liability for a possible vaccination complication (as they have already been vaccinated with an unapproved vaccine).

Vaccination with Moderna is recommended because it is only one vaccination.

In any case, the vaccination should be carried out by a general practitioner in Krems. An interpreter is necessary.

5. Do you need to see a doctor in Krems?

Here you can find attached a list of doctors (includes general practitioners) in Krems, which are -based on the feedback of fellow students - recommended. 
Download: ÖH-DUK_Medical Help in Krems