ÖH Welcome Guide & ÖH Campus Life

Brochure of information abaout studying at Danube University Krems

We want you to have a great start to your continuing studies, so we would like to provide you with our ÖH-DUK Welcome Guide a lot of information about our services and tips about studying at University for Continuing Education Krems.

In our Campus Life booklet you will find a variety of Restaurants and Bars around the Campus Krems.

Enjoy your life on Campus Krems with helpful hints from students for students!

Get your free ÖH Weclome Guide and your free Campus Life booklet at our ÖH-DUK office!
You can find us on the 1st floor of the old building (Wing K).  If you have any questions, just come to our office!

Here you can read online and download the ÖH-DUK Welcome Guide and the Campus Life booklet: 

ÖH-DUK Welcome Guide
Campus Life booklet